“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

I sat in the garden on a stone wall looking at St. Stephen, almost mistaking him for St. Francis at one point. The noise of a fountain nearby, the sound of the bay skirting an island, people around me speaking in hushed tones punctuated by the joy or laughter of children intrigued by the falling water. The setting is serene, encouraging thought and contemplation though for me, I wanted perspective. I was grateful to be here; thankful for the great people in my life; thankful for how life has turned out for me.

My running sessions are my meditation sessions, now cut back a bit because I have been losing weight too fast. I will ramp them up this week, for my sanity, to clear my head and to keep up with my theology work. Nothing like rehearsing and reworking one of my lessons on a long run. I miss the solitude and readily go back to my head a bit.

In the past two weeks, though I danced, I haven’t had my very long runs to keep my head clear. Running is as important to my ministry as for my cardiovascular health. Dance just doesn’t work as well for me though I enjoy keeping up with the music and the lines my body has acquired. I love how dance challenges me but forces me to think of every part of my body; something I don’t have to do with running. Running is a release whereas dance is discipline.

I walked around the parish yesterday, getting the full perspective, a simple church with a modern facade and quite the opposite of my Gothic cathedral that I have left. Like most buildings here and on the island, the church is almost carved into the hillside surrounded by trees. It’s an existence but less preferable to my hillside overlooking two bays and the city. I wouldn’t enjoy island living though many consider it the most premium of real estate. For me, the roads in the hills are meant for driving and running, reaching the top and enjoying the prospect. My ministry is at the top of the hill.


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