The Posse

Just about to head out for a night on the town with my creative arts posse! My friends who make up my ballet and Latin dance classes are dancers and actors. They are taking me along for the ride, though I am driving a little white Porsche convertible, I will probably do some of the “taking along”. I am happy that they are including me in their drinking, debauchery and merriment. We are heading to a couple of new nightclubs; me, an impostor but included in the group of hooligans of sorts.

I did do a tiny bit of performance in that I allowed myself to do some readings in a coffeehouse on open mic night. I forced myself to take ballet and Latin dance. I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and will do the same this evening. I have a wonderful mini-dress, will pile my very grey hair on top of my head and will dance with abandon as I should. I am the scientist, the surgeon, the pilot and the sailor but this group of new friends has readily accepted me into their ranks.

I have come to terms with my lifestyle out here in this city of free expression and self-actualization. I have changed in size, temperament, empowerment and seriousness; I just don’t take myself seriously even with my experiences. I greet each one as they come. The wind is blowing, the fog over the city and I will enjoy each light, each space and the music as I find it. I have much gratitude that I can do this at my age, laughing at myself with this journey. Oh, the Midwest is so far away as is the woman who came to this town a month or so ago.


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