Elegant Dancer, Me?

2017-07-07 10.43.15A new ballet master in class this evening! He put me through my paces but pronounced me an elegant lady with my gray ballet bun, bangs with black spaghetti-strapped leotard and pink tights with rib bones that are clearly visible now. I didn’t miss a single beat today. I can see my muscles where they need to be at last!

It was exhilarating to stand in the late afternoon sun in the window of this studio in a wonderful section of the West Coast city that is my second home. I finished my class, pulled my jeans over my leotard; tossed on a light jacket; ran as fast as I could to catch the ferry back across to my little sports car with ballet bag slung across my shoulder. The wind blew my hair as I vaped on the top deck; sipping a cup of coffee enjoying the sailboats on the bay.

Just before I arrived left the ferry, I received a very surprising message from a friend back home that took my breath away. He enclosed a photo of himself that is just amazing. I had totally forgotten how absolutely smashing he can look ; this photo so wonderful; stopped my heart. I don’t want his photo to stop my heart.

It’s just unfair that someone who is so stunningly brilliant should be a total package of gorgeousness. Everything about that photo is just completely cool. I love his longer hair; mustache, sunglasses and flipflops. I am grateful that he is thousands of miles away because I would have swooned in his presence; something I just can’t do in person.

He’s a total rock star persona that just keeps me smiling. It’s just not fair that he should be so phenomenal; my ballet master teasing me about being an elegant dancer; pronounced a dancer at last!. There is just too much merriment and joy on this beautiful day. With every class, I am having a ball. Such a wonderful day that forced me to be just a tiny bit creative. This city is changing me in so many ways.


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