The Music Never Stops

It’s all wavelengths of energy surrounding me as I run through the dry but chilly morning breeze before attending early mass at my little adopted parish on the hillside. The tide was out, seabirds picking in the mudflats, the sound of the fog horn is a background to my thoughts. Yes, being on the bay and on the water has been good for my heart and mind.

My work project is completed here, now my mind can take up revising and updating my lectures for the coming year. The music of the wind off the sea, my neighbor’s jazz ensemble, the piano in my ballet studio and the pick-up guitar players at my friend’s winery are all with me. Each note has brought welcome renewal and change, going out into the air with never ending energy.

I am quiet; for all I have experienced this season, perhaps a turning point in my life. This past birthday supposed to be a landmark as I pass. I feel the same as I did last year at this time. One difference is my astonishment of what I can accomplish by simply doing what I need to accomplish without apology. I find that want and absorb information faster and faster with experience.

As my music plays, I crave all items creative. In this wonderful West coast locale, I connect, react and consume the creative arts around me spending hours in the city with artists I meet by chance encounter; exploring the neighborhoods on foot. The experiences are energizing and superb; just what my mind craves; connections unexpectedly enjoyable. I am free to be myself without apology; not caring about anything other than the moment.

My solitary search of my world continues. Contented with moving about without agenda but with curiosity. Everything melds with me; I am a part of the humanity I meet; so different from those back home. I am enveloped by multiple sights and sounds in the crisp air; more dangerous than ever with each discovery.


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