On The Water

2017-07-07 10.45.00

A chance to stand and let all of my thoughts disappear into the wind and water. I learn more and and more about myself every day with my resilient heart and mind. As I completed my project here in the West, I treated my adopted co-workers to drinks at my yacht club; so wonderful to spend this time with great people whom I will not easily forget.

We all worked seamlessly enjoying lighthearted conversation and surprising observations. I cannot praise my team any highly as they are some of the most capable researchers ever. I learn much from them and I am grateful for the experience. My work mindset is far more suited to the West than Midwest, surprising me at times.

My ballet and running have been wonderful resources for my mind. The ballet has increased my flexibility but the running has increased my mental and physical resolve. I have added weight training now seeing the results of lifting heavier weights. I strive to keep my conditioning sound as I keep moving and learning what my body can accomplish. I continue to lose weight, something that helps my running very much. All in all, I am leaving many things on the water today especially my heart.


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