Independence Day

Sometimes it is good for me to spend some time reflecting on all that I am blessed to have in my life, now and earlier. I am healthy, resilient and aware of all that I have to complete for the summer and all of the challenges facing me in the Fall. I am at peace with my extreme life and those I choose to love. I strive to meet my physical challenges on the running trail without injuring myself as I plan to keep running.

I am happiest with my continued ability to change my body with conditioning and proper diet. Some of my greatest surprises here on the West Coast is how dedicated people of my age are to keeping themselves fit and healthy. I not only keep up with most of them, I surpass them. The quality of food is high with a great selection. I look better than I have ever looked since university when I was an athlete. I simply move better with increased strength of mind and body.

My Ballet and Latin dance classes have increased my flexibility; giving validation to how thin I naturally need to be for the activities I enjoy. Currently, I am sized small in all of my clothing except my dance wear which are sized medium these days. With the loss of another 30 pounds, I will be seeing the muscle definition that I want. I can’t imagine my life without being in good physical condition and good mental condition.

I find that I am ready and eager to get back to my theological studies; enter the third year and learn more from my mentors. I have been keeping up with my readings; re-reading some difficult concepts and reflecting upon them. My adopted priest-mentor here turns out to be a wonderful Hebrew scholar, challenges me with his knowledge. My mentor forces me to see topics from all perspectives; good for my mind.

I am so used to my extremely brilliant friend back home that I crave the rapid fire, ultra fast movement of mind; missing this with my priest-mentor who has nothing of the extreme intelligence and character of my brilliant friend.  I adore a genius mind; fortunate to enjoy memories of my far away friend on this Independence Day. My wish for him is to have fun today, this Independence Day; wishing I could share it in his presence; remembering the sound of his great voice and laughter.



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