Losing a Piece of My Heart

DSCN2412Yesterday morning, in the blink of an eye, I lost a piece of my heart in that my little white dog died. She just stopped breathing, peacefully at rest in her little portable dog bed that she wanted me to bring with us at the last minute. I can only wonder if she knew that she wasn’t going to make it back home but would need her dog bed.

My little heart was always glad to see me and be with me. She seemed to sense when I was sad; wiggled into my heart and just watched me with intelligent understanding and acceptance. She napped in my office as I worked; patiently waiting until I would take a break and scratch her ears. If I didn’t break soon enough, she would bark at me or come over and place a paw on my knee. She loved watching me work or watching me cook.

My little girl enjoyed watching the world pass by my house. She would bark if someone came onto our little steps but mostly, she would look at chipmunks, birds and squirrels going about their tasks. On one of our walks, she found a ten-dollar bill and a small garter snake on the sidewalk; always on the look out for objects and things for play.

Across my little complex lived her best friend, Charlie. When he would see us walking, one could hear him squeal in delight. These two just loved being with each other, tails wagging with a game of hide and seek. Charlie and my Colby were close to the same size; each very selective with the people they would allow in their houses or around their Mums. In the entire time that I had her, there was one person she just adored, watching the door forlornly when he visited my townhouse on one occasion and then left. She sat in the same place where he sat on my sofa for a week after his short visit.

In the years that I had her, we slept together, ate together, joined me in an evening beer on the steps; watched the telly together and went about our days together. She was always happy to see me; forlorn with I left the house in the morning until I said, “Be a good girl today”. In the evening, our bedtime ritual was a small piece of chicken jerky. She would remind me around 9 PM that it was time for her treat and bedtime for both of us. She would sit on my lap as I read in bed; hated thunderstorms as much as me; both of us completely under the covers.

She hated the vacuum cleaner but didn’t mind the blender. She loved watching other dogs on the telly; often barking at the screen. He favorite toy was my laser pointer that I would shine on the ceiling or she would chase across the floor. Finally, she didn’t love cats; remembered each one in the neighborhood. She traveled with me; sleeping under the seat in front of me. She would charm disgruntled passengers in the gate area with her wagging tail, tan ears and large brown eyes. She was my little girl and I miss her very much; a large hole in my heart that won’t be filled. I learned to accept and love unconditionally from her and will remember her always; my brave little dog.



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