Pornographic Meditation

I decided to look up the definition of pornography only to find the mainstream definition associated with words such as “dirty”, “non-aesthetic” and other general negative associations. In my usual questioning manner, I wondered why pornography, of course associated with sexual excitement had to have an association with something that is negative as there is too much negativity in the world today.

In breaking down items that are sexual, one has to start with the anatomy, i.e. sexual organs and how they work. Sexual organs or genitals are a part of the human body same as an arm, skin or an ear. As a physician, I find all parts of human beings amazing and wonderful from the first time I dissected my cadaver in medical school to my intense study of how humans work from the stand point of chemical and physiological function. There is simply no man-made machine that is as efficient as anything living from an amoeba to a human being regardless of age. This for me, is part of the mystery and appreciation.

As one looks at the physiological study of sexual function, one has to be aware of how many societies have placed regulations, rules and laws over who, what , when, where and how humans may participate in sexual activities. I challenge that those rules have been part of how something as simple as engagement in any variety of sexual encounter has been distorted to the point of association with negativity.

Now don’t mistake my disdain for rules and laws with disregard as laws regarding activities such a rape-the use of sex for battery or as a weapon of hurt against a person who is weaker or unable to consent, as my permission to engage in such heinous activity or to inflict suffering. It’s not difficult to see where non-consent or any form of battery is negative but activities which are considered erotic should never involve those who are non-consenting.

When any encounter between two consenting adults is pleasurable, add food, good conversation and even a great run on the perfect day in perfect weather, shared with another person who finds the activity enjoyable, it’s communication and connection. When such connections involve sex and things sexual, they are meant to be shared with good will and mutual pleasure, that is, banish the thought of negativity. To want to share with another human being with mutual discovery is as magical as my learning the wonders of anatomy and physiology of humans.

I would wish my fellow humans the experience of mutual sharing and discovery with laughter without the guilt that society may attempt to place. In terms of that guilt, I have found that much of the guilt and shame has come from religion, that is other’s interpretation of what’s in the Bible and how those interpretations are meted out on any given day of worship. For me, as I have completed two of four years of theological study, I find that as I learn more of the origins of the Bible, it’s less about what’s there in words, taken literally and more about how I interpret those words for myself.

So I come back to my pornographic meditation in which I refuse to allow any part of my wonder and appreciation of all parts of the human body and spirit to be negative in any manner within the context of mutual pleasurable sharing. I won’t judge anything my fellow humans find pleasurable as long as there is no hurt or suffering involved on the part of self or another person.

It’s taken me some time to evolve in terms of finding my joy and spirit in nurturing joy and spirit in others. My intense connections are wonderful and I appreciate them for what they are in their simplest form, a gift with much appreciation and gratitude on my part. Perhaps this makes me a bit of an unconventional woman but breathing air, enjoying the warm salty ocean breeze, the sound of the wind in the trees along my path as I run along can be a form of pornography, without the negativity as I put as much positivism into all I do these days.


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