Yes please!

Just when I was feeling a little nostalgic; missing my favorite friend but plugging along here on the West coast, I hear his amazing voice and my brain soars even today. I made it a point to stop questioning why he forces my mind in a million directions and makes my heart happy and serene.

He’s brilliant, funny and just sends good vibes in my direction always. I found myself saying yet another prayer of gratitude for his continued friendship. It’s always just soul-satisfying to share ordinary things with him back home; a person I can just spend time with; laugh with and enjoy his company.  I also appreciate his take on the West coast because both of us are not of the Midwest, yet we live there, work there and continue to make our way there.

If anyone could thrive in this lifestyle I live here, it would be him. I so hoped he would land here for even 24 hours but I totally accept that he’s in demand elsewhere; spreading his talents and persona as well he should. Again, I am the fortunate person that he shares some of his life with me though when I arrived, I was quite conflicted about him and I would keep him in my brain. Now, I hope but accept; he is always appreciated by me.

He’s made his commitments to the life he has chosen for himself. By his example, I had to choose where I would be heading. My headings will take me cross the oceans and around the world but eventually landing back here from time to time. I was never meant for this world in a conventional sense yet I thought I could allow one or two people to share some of my brain pickings and connection thus, he will always be in my thoughts when I need him no matter where my life takes me. I am a wanderer and he’s definitely not so inclined.

What I have learned from my friend is that as unconventional as I am, I can’t share my life with another person. I have to stand alone, explore alone; come in and out. I wish he wasn’t brilliant with a style that is most attractive but he gets my jokes and allows me to accept life as it is; my heart strong and resilient like it was five years ago.

Though at times I entertain the idea of watching the fog roll into the city from the pool deck in the mornings sharing with another; laughing and enjoying the sights. Perhaps running the hills but turning back to look at the bay; feeling the wind in our faces just for fun and experience. Driving my little white German sports car along the narrow roads to hang out under a million stars listening to jazz with a glass of wine; sailing on the bay; surfing on the beach with the taste of salt. Exploring the arts and spaces in the city; under the lights.

Yes, I want to share with my brilliant friend; hearing his take on them and listening to the fascinating way his mind works. As I listened to how he enjoyed a jazz festival, I remembered how much I enjoyed just attending a performance with him; sharing the vibe. He’s a million things but he’s just that good; even a simple phone call was uplifting and reminded me that I am so right about him, a gift and someone I will always love to be in his presence with acceptance of just how he breathes air. He’s a true wonder!


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