Dancing In Life

I spent more time in ballet class this week as my muscle memory of my ballet work in my teens has returned. I worked on making each movement exactly the same and perfect as my instructor demonstrated. My practice was tough but worth the effort as I listened to her instruction. At my age, I am grateful that my body will allow me to participate in these classes, intermediate level. As I continue to lose weight, I love the flexibility and discipline; great combination with my running as I needed to cut back on my mileage to avoid injury.

My ballet work forces awareness of every position of my body and extremities. Though I do not have the flexibility of my younger classmates, I do have position sense. I seem to have found my rhythm along to way also, keeping up with the music as I stand at the bar with the other dozen or so would-be dancers ranging in age from late teens to me, the geriatric set. It’s fun and a pretty good workout; forcing me to concentrate and focus.

In addition to my ballet, I have been running about the city; enjoying the perfect weather and spending time with friends I haven’t seen in years. We have all changed yet my friends point to major changes in me. They say that I am calmer, kinder, curious, more content and more accepting. There are characteristics I would never have used to describe me but they are fine for me now. I am at peace with my life and its turns. My heart these days is strong and resilient. I give all to my work and my patients. I have many wishes; thousands of them. I have much to share; perhaps one day. I am happy that my friends in the Midwest are forgetting me.


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