Social in the City

After a great Italian dinner in my favorite outdoor cafe, my date and I headed to an art exhibit opening gala in the big city. He is on the board of directors for the museum; happy to have me on his arm as he pronounced me “cute” for the evening festivities. I must admit that I enjoyed the attention; meeting a wonderful but superficial group of people at this event. The evening was chilly after a very hot day with fog rolling into the harbor. I have learned to carry a jacket under all circumstances since I can hold onto cold better than I can hold heat.

Great run this morning along a familiar path with plenty of hill work. The hills feel better after my speed work but did incorporate them into my mileage for the day. I decided to run one of my usual paths in reverse direction; adds a bit of interest to the familiar. The tide was in, warm breeze off the bay; my friends. I enjoyed the smiles of the folks I met along the path who greeted me; familiar nod of fellow joggers just out for our routine workouts in the sun.

It was great fun to drive into the city for the gala with my date who is a new acquaintance. He surprised me when he asked me out but was a total gentleman. Attending a gala reception complete with plenty of wine was welcome since I didn’t eat very much at dinner. I did eat a small bit of carpaccio but don’t eat pasta; too filling for me these days. I just cannot eat much; not much interest in food as I have to remind myself to eat in most cases.

One of the people I met at the gala said that I looked like an athlete; great compliment for me! With my continued weight loss, I see angles to my musculature now loving the definition of my muscles. My legs are looking pretty good these days too; showed them off in one of my mini dresses (yes at my age, I can rock a mini). The music and dancing helped work off the dinner as I lived on the dance floor for a change. My thanks to my new ballet teacher.

My scientific project is well ahead of schedule and quite rewarding. I can begin packaging the reports for early next year. I am honored to have been asked to head this phase of the research. This project has been great for my professional outlook and good for my soul. I feel as if I made the right decision to spend the summer here in the West on this work; integrating my clinical and basic science training. I have worked with some of the most professional staff ever and I am grateful for this opportunity.

As my project wraps early, I contemplate an overseas trip since I have plenty of time before starting my new position in the fall and have much of the summer left post project. Since I do not anticipate house guests this summer, I can travel; always good for my soul. There is nothing like an adventure overseas for my restless mind; always love to connect with other cultures and people.

All in all, my life moves along at a rapid pace; fine for me and my spirit. I am tanned, strong and decidedly resilient these days. I also love my life especially my new social life with positivism in abundance. I am grateful and thankful for all that I have been given; so fortunate for this generally solitary soul. My connections are very gratifying and a wonder these days with much acceptance at last.


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