Pastoral Work in Paradise

“If you have to diminish your spotlight to support another they don’t deserve your stage or your audience.”- Unknown

I don’t know the source of above quote but I like message on many levels. I support the amazing friends in my life who increase my spotlight rather than diminish it. They simply allow me to burn brighter. For my increased light, I am grateful. I am a most fortunate woman to have wonderful friends and express my gratitude like a broken recording.

Our pastoral meeting for my adopted church is tomorrow. For this meeting, I have prepared my readings and work, happy to do so for these wonderful people here. They enrich my soul each Sunday by allowing me in their life and church. I feel quite comfortable with my limited role in the church while missing my Cathedral back home. The adjustment to here was very easy though as I spoke to my priest friend, he’s not as comfortable here as I  seem to be.

My priest friend is quite shy, a mystery for me because he’s smart and handsome. He’s almost too much to take in but I enjoy the challenge. I scarcely believe that I can sit, have a beer and discuss problems as something of an equal with this amazing man. I hope my enthusiasm for touching each person, the sacredness of the connection will rub off on him a bit. I believe that is why he enjoys having me listen to his sermons and ideas.

I enjoy the discussion and appreciate his approach to his craft. His thoughts are very educational for me, a neophyte. These meetings never involve coffee but always involve beer and crackers so that I can make the two mile drive back to my house on the opposite hill. I also love driving the Porsche around the curves to get off the hill and climb up the hill to the church but I should do these meetings on coffee.

The first day of summer, as a dear friend reminded me, resulted in a couple of neighbors heading over for steaks on the grill by the pool, plenty of beer and a great breeze off the bay with loads of laughter and lighthearted conversation; city lights flicker in the distance. Life could not be more fun. The house is great for impromptu little gatherings that are very enjoyable as I had not made any plans.

My neighbor is a musician, always has great stories of his life on the road with the band. He plays jazz saxophone and piano. I love to hear how he puts a show together and how they travel from place to place. I do enjoy when he noodles on the piano in the living room filling the house with music.

My neighbor just “wrapped” recording a holiday album for this upcoming Christmas. He spoke of flying in earlier in the day, hoping to just rest for the week before his next engagement in a nearby city. I’ve been invited to the club and to hang with the band after the performance something that was great fun when I first arrived here a couple of weeks ago. He did enjoy just being here with those who appreciate him sharing his gifts with us.

Still remarkable for me is that I am more social here on the West coast than back in the Midwest but as good for my soul and outlook as my meetings with the priest. I am dancing, running, reading and just enjoying the delightful people surrounding me and increasing my light. Life is just sublime and so is the music.



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