Homesick a Bit

Finished up our parish meeting and some notes for this upcoming Sunday. As I sit here in the cool darkness of this beautiful glass area surrounded by trees, I feel overwhelming homesickness for the first time since I arrived. Perhaps my feelings come from a text from a friend last afternoon as he told me about his adventures in getting the rest of his summer under control. In short, I miss him though I have had wonderful contact with him; acute awareness that this good friend is thousands of miles away rather than the usual couple of dozen probably adding to my feelings.

This evening I have planned a trip into the next town for some upscale Italian food, not my choice but the choice of the person who invited me on this adventure. I am not much of an eater on my best days but here, my appetite is even less. On most days I find myself trying to remember when I last consumed food; just not important. Still, sitting in a small outdoor cafe with a glass of wine will be nice; watching people go by; listening to music and conversation with a nice companion. I sound like an old lady but I so enjoy good conversation with friends; sampling their worlds; listening to their stories.

My work is surprisingly ahead of schedule which has me considering doing a bit of traveling from my West Coast locale. I can spend bit of time in the western desert and head overseas for a week of study; hoping to do both of these tasks as I complete my project. I have such an efficient team of researchers and students that we should wrap this work in a couple of weeks almost a month ahead of schedule leaving me some time to just focus on my personal development.

Still, missing my academic touchstone is acute for me today. Always on my morning runs, I think of his resilience, his brilliance, his boldness and his wit. He’s been such a mentor for me and for my heart. I don’t believe I would have been as effective here if not for his texts and sharing. Today, I pray to be content remembering his example and perhaps a couple of his jokes. I thinks it’s OK for me to miss him and to be homesick. Perhaps my afternoon dance class will snap my brain into harmony.



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