More Ballet and More Direction

With my ten pound weight loss has come a bit more running speed and comfort. Every step is a gift at my advanced age; in this beautiful location next to a bay at the foot of a mountain is paradise. My mind goes in a million directions with happiness and serenity as I hear the crunch of sand under my feet with my steps. Though I share the running path with bikers, I seldom notice them as my mind is most often deep in thought. My weight loss is also welcome evidence that my abdominal work is sound.

Ballet class last evening was joyful and instructive. My master teacher corrects my hand and arm positions even correcting a bit of posture this time. I see the faint outlines of upper thigh muscles working. My flexibility increases as I work for maximum extension.  These classes have improved my posture and certainly improved my confidence in movement; both characteristics great on the jogging paths.

A few months back, I remember watching one of my friends do a quick turn across my living room as I noted his superb posture. Though he endures a knee injury, his walk and his presence are notable. He moves with an ease that is most attractive; matching his extreme intellect. My thoughts on his complete persona; his fine craft shows in every step he takes much as in every word he speaks.

What a gift of an example for this friend who is working on changing parts of herself; reinventing herself on this bright sunny day in paradise. Though I miss seeing him, I hear from him from time to time, always makes me smile as he’s just fabulous for my spirit these days, reminding me of what I left behind in the Midwest. I appreciate his friendship as he’s in my thoughts daily.

My skin is brown from the sun, my body taking on that angular direction I seek and my head clearly focused on my work and learning. I could not ask for more; thankful for the changes and my directions as my summer goes along with increased comfort in my spiritual and physical conditioning.


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