Life in the Moment

I completed my day and headed home. I walk from the ferry point through neighborhoods and then catch a shuttle to my office. The morning stroll gives me time to enjoy my coffee purchased before I get on the ferry to cross the bay. Life here is pretty civilized and enjoyed every moment. Sometimes, I watch the large container freight ships cross the paths of the ferry as I head into and out of the city in the morning and late afternoon. I dream of crossing the ocean with the freight; heading for the Orient and an adventure.

Sometimes, I find myself stopping by the yacht club for a Bloody Mary before I head home, often with old friends who want to catch up. Today was no exception but I took the ferry to an adjacent town after drinks.  for dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen this year. It was nice to hear about his work and endeavors for the rest of the summer. We made plans to get together for a concert in the part over the weekend. Watching the ships, kayaks, canoes and ferries heading in and out of the harbor were peaceful and enjoyable. He dropped me back at my car, an evening of simple pleasure and good food.

I make no apologies for those I love and admire. To do less would be dishonest for me. I have changed my life and meditate on those changes as I run in the early morning. Instead of running in the darkness, I run at first light, watching the fog burn off the mountain and the tide go out from the bay. It’s different from my Midwest lakeside but great for my mind nevertheless. I think of those I left behind and those that I have yet to meet here. Still, I believe I made the right decision to come here and live this life though I miss the simplicity and discipline of my work back in the Midwest.

I will meet again with my new parish rector tomorrow in preparation for Sunday’s services. This parish is very different from my cathedral yet I have much to learn from these wonderful and welcoming people. They are not diverse but they are warm and delightful for the most part. In some, I detect a loneliness and sense of “going through the Sunday motions” but my charge as given by the rector is to reach them with my positive outgoing connection.

Yes, my rector said that I am opposite him in every way possible; “childlike”, he said, which is great for the challenges here. He is soft-spoken, contemplative and very smart. Though he doesn’t have the quick exchange that I love to engage, he has great depth of thought and very serious side, something I need in my spiritual development. I strive to be worthy of those I serve but sometimes, the joy is just overwhelming for me.

I can’t say that I am a deep thinker but more of a reactionary empath in how I connect. I am grateful for guidance and mentoring. Even in this small parish, I don’t know where to stand and how to move. I feel as if I wander aimlessly until I speak the liturgy. The common prayers of my church are my bedrocks and my anchors. In short, less perfection here is fine.

Again, I am a very fortunate woman to have an opportunity to learn from this man. We have great conversations with a surprising openness that I appreciate. I am living in moments, a bit apprehensive about my future but getting more fearless every day as I transition but today, feeling just a little sad as I miss those I left behind. I guess I am human after all.


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