Ballet Class

I decided to participate in a friend’s ballet class after a very long run in the hot sun yesterday; my first hot day in this wonder of a location. The sun in my face for most of the jog left me feeling the burn; noticing the increased tan in my skin. Fortunately for me, I did decide to wear sunglasses on my run. The hot sun in my face; no wind off the bay working up a welcome sweat as I pushed myself. My body needed the challenge before sampling the ballet though I did have a small problem with dehydration as I worked up a good sweat.

My goal this summer is to increase my speed and flexibility thus challenges are good for my mind as well as my body. I run the steep hills without thinking; love them in the early evenings. I have lost ten pounds in the past three weeks; seeing the angles of my frame at last! My heart is happy that my physical conditioning comes along as I planned; so thankful for the body upgrades at my age.

As I popped on my black leotard/pink tights, I clearly see the outlines of my now thinner upper body and leg muscles coming into focus. When my flexibility matches, as I intend, I will be content to go into maintenance mode. Clearly, I need to lose another 25 pounds but I almost look like the other dancers in the group. I strive to go to the the boundaries of what my body will allow; find surprising results as I am an outlier but happy to be in this case.

The discipline of ballet was welcome along with concentration and correction by my instructor. She complimented me on my posture, surprising since I am a runner but consistently corrected my hand and arm positions. I found myself laughing as I see the outlines of my rib cage over my abdomen. My abdominal muscles are coming along too with the goal of a six-pack achievement in mind. I take mental notes of her corrections and instructions. For 90 minutes, my body loved this work and I loved that I could keep up and learn; not missing a note.

With my ten-pound weight loss, my dresses are a bit large on my small frame. While I am on the taller side, my frame is not large but small. With this smaller frame, I need to be light and flexible; my goals in training. At university, when I played competitive tennis, I carried heavier muscles but as a runner, I see where I need longer and lighter musculature. My training is a slow process but no injuries-minus the ladder incident of last week.

As goals are good for my  body, soul and happiness, I settled into my Cantonese lessons for an upcoming trip back to the Far East. On this next adventure, I will be on my own in a city that I love seeing the world on my terms. All in all, not a bad life for a solitary woman of service. I will have the life that I want.



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