The Trinity on Trinity Sunday

Continued soreness from my stupidity of climbing ladders but a great run, alleviated most of my soreness, on Trinity Sunday set my mind at work on revisiting the Trinity. Here I sit in one of the greatest scientific meccas of this country surrounded by people who are far more brilliant than myself, who asked about my experiences so far here out West. I simply related some events of my day and this morning, keying in on my personal growth.  I related some lines from my brilliant friend’s play that have increased my explanation and relationship to the Trinity.

As per usual, I will repeat my astonishment concerning my stunning academic friend whose teachings force my mind in a million directions, least I forget these days, his dialog from his play has forced me to think more theologically as I question and perform more questioning. I sit here in my office, looking at the haze of the morning, I settle in with my thoughts and questions, more comfortable with them, chatting with my team as we completed our strategy session.

In my line of thinking, the general should not negate the specific which means that to just to pronounce “the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” on Trinity Sunday was not enough but understanding in the heart should be sought. In our common prayers, we speak the words but often don’t ponder them as spirituality for me is in the pondering in the energy of thinking; nothing new, I suppose.

I pushed my sore body thorough some early morning yoga poses, thinking I was too sore to run, I thought of the “clones”. Yes, they are one in the same and as a biochemist/physician, I understand cloning for what it is. While clones are genetically identical, they are not exactly the same but remarkable aspects of the same, genetically and otherwise. This was my heart, my connection something in my thinking to share with my scientific colleagues so refreshing.

Yesterday, I eagerly awaited what the rector of my adopted parish here in the West would say about the Trinity. His message didn’t disappoint me but added to my thinking, perhaps in a manner that he didn’t intend. “Yes, Virginia,” I have more questions and explanations because it’s my nature as a scientist to question and to see answers. I suspect that this is my nature as a student of theology too. More reading for me!!!

My pastor, spoke of sleep and why God has placed this state within the minds of humans. Certainly, there is nothing to be learned during sleep no matter that as a child, I placed my trigonometry book under my pillow hoping that somehow, I would absorb knowledge from it. No, sleep for most, is a chance to reset, renew and turn off consciousness, that which makes one more human. Babies, the most human of us, sleep more that older humans but we all sleep and become quite aware of when our sleep is not sound or resetting. No great Trinity pronouncements by my pastor yesterday.

Instead, my scientific colleagues listened with rapt attention as I read the lines from my friend’s play. “How delightful and wonderful,” pronounced my principle investigator who is my pick for a future Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology. Yes, just more evidence that I am not wrong about my superb academic friend even if I piss him off most of the time. I can’t wait to read his lines in our parish meeting later this week. I suspect that my new priest friend is going to excommunicate me but we shall see. Yep, the God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost are one in the same and I am a heretic!


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