I picked up a bit of a virus which knocked me off my feet yesterday. I decided to rest and attempt to read. One of my reading lamps went out which forced me to look for a replacement. When I climbed onto the 5-foot ladder to replace the bulbs, I must have fallen. The last thing I remember is trying to pick myself up. Now, right side especially my knee is swollen and bruised.

I am inspired to finish my pile of journal articles as I rest by the pool. Though the weather is spectacular, I will obey my physician’s orders and not try to run or jog today, though I need the meditation now more than ever. I am thinking that the stress of getting sick, bit of flu or something, coupled with my anxiety of making sure I don’t let my team down, sent me into a bit of a tailspin. Today, I will  relax rather than undertake my planned trip to British Columbia.

I had let my principle investigator know that I needed to hop up to Canada for a visit with an author friend. She’s an attorney whose works have been a beacon for me as I enter my theological studies. Not that she is clergy, far from it, but since we first connected over a year ago, I have placed copies of her wonderful book in my waiting room and often find that I quote from it. She’s a dancer, author, lawyer and just plain fun; invited me up for a visit. Since I love Vancouver and most things Canadian these days, I will fly up in a couple of days as I get a little more on my feet.

Tomorrow, I will attend services at my adopted parish. I completed my readings for this week, as assigned. It’s Trinity Sunday, one of my favorite times of the year in the church. As this week will mark my third week there, the parishioners have become accustomed to seeing me in their space. While the church is very West Coast modern with wood, stone and little stained glass, the people welcomed my attendance; eager to hear of my work in hospice care and medicine especially as the joy in these patients is a nice experience and honor for me. I am very grateful.

Oh, it would be very nice to be the wonderful communicator and story-teller such as my academic touchstone. His take on the world is refreshing and energetic. He moves humanity forward just by being who he is. I opened my life just at tiny bit and he generously shares a bit of his; so fun for me as should all good friends be.

Perhaps I will have an opportunity to learn some of his techniques some day as I always feel that I have much to learn. Yes, I can connect but I don’t communicate well such as my creative friend. Today, life is a learning process for me; settling down and just enjoying where I am in the warm ocean breeze and sunshine.


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