Life is Entirely

Early run with no fog; could see the city lights as the sun came up. I took the ferry across the bay and ran the marina. After getting to my office, I showered before reviewing my data sheets over coffee. It is very civilized to get one’s work completed in the early dawn hours Hopping the first boat was a splendid idea so that I could participate in rounds. I loved having coffee on the ferry in the cool morning air with its promise of a clear day.

I am settling into my job out here with ease. I do most of my work from home on most days of the week leaving me too much time to carouse with my posse. My friends are different and more diverse here. They seem to appreciate my early rising, academic work and certainly they welcome my clinical contributions. All in all, it’s not a bad gig; acceptance for my East Coast manner. In short, I love it here even if I have to play the socialite a bit; a role better suited to my sister.


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