Oh, Shit!

I threw on my Jimmy Choos and a silver mini dress. At the suggestion of my very brilliant  friend, I drove the Porsche up north to hear a neighbor’s musical gig. These things are so foreign for how I live but I take a risk because I need to take risks. Here on the West Coast, I live a far different lifestyle from the surgeon/professor lifestyle that I live in the Midwest. It’s pure fun to drop the convertible top on my little sports car and drive. I didn’t care that it was cooler but not so much cooler than my house on the hill on the bay.

I arrived in the late evening, at the invitation of my musician neighbor. He has been overseas doing a musical cruise but now back in the States, playing his gigs. He’s a saxophonist with a bit of a national following but for years, I just knew him as a neighbor that I would meet on the bike paths, running trails. I discovered his music quite by accident, almost not knowing who he was until one of his songs hit the national billboard.

The venue was on a lakeside resort about two hours north of my house on the West Coast. I didn’t have anything to keep me in the city so I took a chance and drove up at his invitation. A million stars in the sky, the moon shining brightly. He was honored that I came. I drank wine and enjoyed the full moon next to the lake.

This role is so foreign for me. I am not a princess or a socialite, yet I am. My neighbor pointed me out in the audience, I was embarrassed that he did so. After the show, some of the audience members made a fuss over me; so not me. At any event, I felt like royalty, thanks to my funny neighbor who plays sax and makes me smile.

I have to integrate these two roles; upscale socialite and low class servant. I have to come to terms with where I need to be as a woman of ideas, scholarship and lover of all things creative. Surely tonight, a million stars in the sky, my convertible sports car driving fast down the highway. I am grateful for my life at this point; learning to  be what I am, an unusual woman of a thousand things.

I loved how my car took the curves. I loved how I mastered the curves with the top-notch German suspension. I am becoming a bit of a driver; not as good as my touchstone but loving the curves and the speed.  I loved the joy and fellowship of those who loved my neighbor’s music and I loved how he made a bit of a fuss over me attending his event. Yes, I am a very blessed woman but “Oh, Shit” I don’t know how to play this role, however, my touchstone was spot on, “Drive the Porsche”, he said.


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