Why Does It Matter?

A good friend shared his disappointment with something that has not worked out for him, though he’s been working on this matter for months and months. As I read his note, I found that I share his disappointment and frustration with this task. I always want the very best for this friend because he’s a very good and kind individual, not to mention that I hate for him to be sad, period. I thought of him last evening, my empathic connections picking up his very palpable vibes even from a distance. In the lines that he wrote, I read a combination of anger, rightful in this case and exhaustion.

I know that he’s resilient; probably the strongest persona I have known but I hate for this not to have worked yesterday. It’s been a long road, trust me on this with discomfort. I just can’t stand for him to feel anything that hurts, is stressful or is uncomfortable. This has always been my connection with him, almost from the time I first met him. I trust his mental resilience, for sure but it matters to me, his friend, that he gets this behind him as soon as this may be done.

Why does it matter? Because he’s my touchstone and my wonder. I care and I connect. I always want to be a person in his life, if he allows, that understands his disappointments, hopes and accepts him as I find him, without agenda other than wanting the very best for him and the achievement of what he wants for himself.

For sure, he has been a source of wonder and joy for me at times, especially with his supreme generosity and sense of fun. My hope is that he’s feeling a bit better today; having found some relaxation. I could give him the world; my world if he wanted because he’s that good. He has much greatness and gifts yet to share with the world. I see that very clearly even if he doesn’t see these things in himself at times. It matters, simply because he’s my friend.


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