Within Context

My students asked me if I believed in everything in the Bible and in God. That’s a complex question for me to answer but I believe that the Bible is based on writings from the 1st century AD with multiple translations and perhaps modifications. Ever time something is translated or copied, it changes.  With this in mind, I don’t follow or subscribe to everything word for word that is in the Bible. It’s interesting literature and reading but certainly written by men of a different era than the one in which I live. Since those men were human, there are bound to have been mistakes.

Do I believe in God? Yes, my God within the context of my life. There is an energy, a spirit that powers my life and the lives of everything and everyone around me. Do I have to offer burned animals to appease this being? I am not even sure that my God is even a being!

Trust me, I am not burning anything that has to do with good meat but my God certainly isn’t a little old white guy on a cloud dressed in robes with a beard and lightening bolt aimed in my direction. My God, doesn’t have a sex or a form but is pure energy; wavelengths of light, mostly green because green is my favorite color; however my mind can imagine. My God is the energy, from which I tap and connect through my meditation and prayers.

As a scientist, a biochemist, the more I learned and discovered of the chemistry of life processes, the more I believed in God. The efficiency of energy produced by oxidative phosphorylation via the electron transport chain, can’t be duplicated in the chemistry laboratory by man. We lose in the process of creating those chemical reactions on a macro scale.

God on the other hand, takes two torr of oxygen minimally to the mitochondria and powers every life process. We get the fuels from consumption of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the form of carbon-based compounds that ultimately becomes acetyl Co-A  converted to our high-energy bonded adenosine tri-phosphate. The process is remarkably efficient, with the carbon dioxide produced by the tricarboxylic cycle being exhaled, the water that is produced being excreted. Nothing is wasted; everything is reused in some form if we don’t destroy this planet. Yes, God is the ultimate scientist and engineer.

Within my context, I connect to energy and spirit. At times, my sensitivities are overloaded to the point I withdraw for self-preservation. At other times, I find myself in a zone where joy is increasing and life is fun. I question those times of increasing joy because I don’t feel that I deserve joy without earning it. This is the imposter in me; I fight for my authenticity. Since I have no creativity, I must rely on those gifted, to share with me. Oh so wonderful the sharing and amazement within the context of my life in science and medicine.  My creative friends are the true magic in my life and gifts from my God.


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