Will head off to spoken mass for Sunday as I still attempt to get my jog in as early as possible. I won’t get my run done before mass but my spiritual duties will be taken care of before my run. I miss my  3 AM runs through my little Midwest suburb; unable to run that early because of darkness here. There simply are no streetlights. It’s quite beautiful to run along the roads and paths by the bay smelling the wondrous salt in the cool air but I love the solitude of the very early morning.

I completed another book recommendation by my brilliant academic touchstone. His suggestions have taken my mind and thoughts in welcome directions. I know that he’s busy with his work, teaching superbly as he does. I am grateful that he might think of me and what I enjoy reading and hearing. I enjoyed the last novel in the very hot sun poolside; forgot the sunscreen and now my skin is a bit red. This is a West coast rookie mistake for me. Still, the enjoyment of good summer reading makes up for my stupidity!

My restless mind needed the relief of an absorbing read just as my jogging clears my head with meditation and prayer for clarity. I am blissfully at peace in this paradise of a place with magnificent vistas surrounding me. The palm trees have become my friends at last. The sea birds stand in the mudflats as I pass; different from my deer and raccoon friends.

I completed my data analysis for Monday morning’s meeting made easy because my staff is so agreeable. I keep thinking that I must “slog” through but my organization is quite complete because I have a great team; I lead a great team. After my meeting, I will get a chance to participate in Grand Rounds; loving the high level of academic medicine here; a welcome change. Things move at a relaxed pace but with precision a precision I enjoy.

I have not participated in any surgical cases but Grand Rounds punctuated with Mortality and Morbidity conference will make up for my lack of operating. Decision-making under these conditions is fine. I don’t miss the gun shot wounds and stabbings. I am invited to scrub anything on the schedule but I am fine to observe and allow the residents full participation.

My mornings are relaxed and chilly. My Midwest world seems far away. I am at peace with my thoughts. I have some weight training planned to get underway next week for upper body strengthening. My lower body flexibility is returning as my mileage is down but will ramp up. I don’t want to lose any ground as I plan a half-marathon distance next month.

I vow to get my head clear so that I might keep moving forward. My thinking is shifting and my heart is at peace. The thought of some who have been quite wonderful missed because I have much to share. I will always give him the best and want the best for him. He’s in my thoughts because he’s powerful. It’s a new world here in the West; I embrace it as I become a new person and assume my new role leaving my Midwest behind.

2017-05-25 14.16.12



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