Haiku Professor

“moonlight calls my name

keep breathing keep listening

open heart for hope”

This haiku was written by a friend whose observations of his world are insightful and wonderful. He sees and perhaps feels, his environment on many levels, an empath like myself. In the haiku above, I question whether his heart is “open” for hope but I know as he describes his love for his daughters and their families, his granddaughter that he has a capacity for love that is unequaled. I appreciate his approach to his profession, the strategies he takes with his students; shared some of his teaching with me.

In the haiku above, I see that he mentions “moonlight” as I never imagine him anywhere by moonlight. Moonlight doesn’t fit this colleague but he keeps on breathing, observing and adding those observations to his repertoire for his craft. I know that every emotion adds to how he creates his approach to a character, perhaps tempered with his fine education. He has to breathe life into his characters; make them believable for the rest of us who do not know them.

I want to ask him if every character he has played in the past, become part of him. If this is true, then he’s a man of many characters. He isn’t multi-personality as I can be; physician, runner, scientist, now socialite, and now student minister/scholar pushing my scholarship to higher level. Does he integrate his roles as I integrate mine? Perhaps I will get an opportunity to ask him, but probably not.


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