The Energy

Glorious weather this morning with clear blue skies and warm sunshine on my face and bare chest. Running is effortless in this low humidity with no wind today; my first longer run. Yesterday, I ran very steep hills loving going up but no so much, going down. My tight hamstrings love the stretch of my up hill climb. As I ran along, I thought of spending more time on my upper body and my “hop” as my coach back home advised. Tomorrow will be a series of speed drills.

My other thoughts were of the strong energy of my wonderful academic touchstone. My understanding of why he’s so important for me continues. I pick up on his presence on multiple levels. Yes, his ideas are plain fun for my mind to contemplate. Sometimes I remember something he’s said and laugh out loud. Mostly, I bask in the connection of a mind that is singularly superior; something I learned as a kid and appreciate as I am older.

When I first met him, spending time with him was frighteningly great; setting me into a bundle of nerves. With others, I could always put these feelings aside training myself to concentrate on their worlds. With my touchstone, I can’t put what he says in any kind of compartment. He’s a very powerful spirit and very generous. Such a man of creativity, intellect and perpetual motion. I suspect that he can be restless with such motion but he runs; something that adds to the resilience I learned from him.

For me, he’s quite handsome in a very distinguished manner, something I DO and will always set aside because I value and honor the decisions he has made for his life. I can compartmentalize the attraction as easily as I breathe out. I learned to do this because as a woman of honor, I can’t and won’t act on such silly feelings. I have buried those feelings far down in my brain for self-preservation. For me the wonder of this singularly spectacular man is always his persona.

His persona, far greater than any I experience from others, allows me to thrive in many aspects of  my work these days. I appreciate and am thankful that he doesn’t dismiss me and has shared some ordinary time with me. A cup of coffee, a theater experience or two, and his most welcome reading suggestions with me learning something from his fine thinking and ideas. The energy is intimidating but forces me to be better; to strive for more and appreciate how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful friend; my reflection is that I am grateful.


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