And So It Goes

“What’s your quest?”,  he asked me over cocktails and dinner. “I don’t want to just go through life without magic and adventure.” I replied. Such strange conversation on a first date.  At my age, first dates are rare but I have  them on occasion because my life is pretty busy. I am not looking for love or a relationship, but always seek magic where I can find it. This date, a very handsome publisher, a bit of a celebrity, who lives nearby; waves when he sees me in the grocers or in our favorite watering hole on the bay.

“You know I was hesitant to ask you to dinner,” he admitted over a very excellent dry martini. “I didn’t think you dated ever,” Well, he’s correct in that I don’t date much, again because I am busy with activities and study. Still, it’s nice to share a meal and good conversation. I have promised to branch out on this West Coast trip.

My friend is stunning but a bit reserved. “I thought you were married or living with someone.” I told him. He lives alone and isn’t currently dating anyone seriously so rare for men of his age and in this city. I suspect that he’s pursued by many but he’s sharing his time with me tonight. Again, I am not seeking a relationship with anyone; my heart is quite content where it resides.

He shares the quest for magic with me but leaves the adventure, so he says,  for others. Since he’s a couple of years older than myself, he says that life and work are the extent of his adventures though we both share a love of Hong Kong and travel. I did enjoy hearing about his publishing house and his life here on the West Coast. He seemed to enjoy hearing about my adventures in surgery, on the water, in ministry class and teaching. His greatest interest was in my running and why I enjoy my single life.

I run because I can and because I enjoy what I can do on the running trails. I explained how satisfying I find putting on my jogging gear and exploring a new city. I love to let my mind go where it will go; a form of meditation at times. Running is always where I can pray for all who need and want my prayers. It’s my form of centering at my old age. My single life is because I enjoy my own company more than being with few others; my life of service.

My dinner, at a wonderful new spot in the city where reservations are nearly impossible, was something of a waste on me. I don’t eat very much food; enjoy cooking more than eating these days. Even more, I enjoy the company of a smart and charming man who seemed to enjoy being with me though we are relatively new friends. My heart needed this dinner for mirth and merriment.

We drove back across the bridge to our town in his Ferrari, a car I seldom experience even here on the West coast; an interesting experience. I tend more toward the Germans for cars and the Italians for motorcycles. Nothing is more satisfying then the feel of a Moto-Guzzi in my chest but that’s another story. We stopped at a local club for a nightcap and a bit of scenery- the city lit by a thousand street lights with the sound of the ocean waves  stirred by  warm wind. Ah, to enjoy good company, extremely good conversation about a thousand experiences and good alcohol warming my spirits. This evening was more than a bit magical, it was plain fun and easy.

I found myself laughing and smiling; swept up by the warm weather, the beautiful location and  my handsome date who was just hanging with me.  Yes, I do enjoy the magic and I must practice it more as I am here and present. My date certainly enjoyed the evening; seemed at ease and pressed to repeat our experience next week on a short drive to a festival we both want to attend. I said yes and so it goes.


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