The Day After

I had heard that one’s birthday, or the anniversary of one’s birthday as my brilliant friend explained in a most welcome note, sets the tone for the next year. Today is the day after my birthday, still under the tone of yesterday. I celebrated, meditated, contemplated and ran! When the fog of the morning cleared, the sky blued with wonderful running weather though a small bit of haze remained. I practiced a couple of drills and made some notes. Yes, in terms of my running, my anniversary day was sublime and encouraging. I hope I can run forever!

Did I mention that I hate celebrations in my honor? I am grateful to hoist a glass or two but big celebrations are not for me. I live to far in the dregs to enjoy such events, though yesterday evening,  I spent much time with a couple of mojitos enjoying the mint and rum. I tend to be behind the scenes cheering for others with little attention to myself; most comfortable in that role.

My birthday celebration was Mexican-themed capped off by fireworks- my absolute favorite.  I am humbled because the person who arranged the fireworks did something I will remember always and totally unexpected. How many people can say that they had a fireworks display in celebration of them? How many people are even celebrated? These things I am given but I don’t deserve them at all. I felt like royalty for an evening. There was nothing “low key” about my evening in the city.

I sailed with a friend earlier in the afternoon, to get out onto the bay and have a discussion. It was wonderful to be back on the water again. After the fog burned off, the weather was amazing for a sail with plenty of wind. We needed the engines only to get out of the harbor with brisk and steady breeze after that. I hope to sail as much as possible while I am here out West.

I listened carefully to my friend; appreciating his fellowship and comments. It was nice to spend time on the water with an old sailing buddy who appreciates my take on issues. We are still of like mind in many ways; he’s starting to “give up” on things in his life; never an option for me. Still, we sailed; good for my soul and so different from my Midwest other home.

This morning, the haze is still around but the day is a bit warmer almost perfect for my run outing later today. In the next couple of days, the temperature will climb with almost no humidity- my favorite weather. From my perch on this hillside far above the bay, I see my world with clarity on this day after with a thousand wishes.




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