Beyond Fortune

What a difference a year makes! Though I trained my best I knew I didn’t have enough of a mileage base for the marathon this morning. I had wanted to drop back to the half-marathon but there were no more slots available thus it was 10K for me. Turns out that my 10K though very slow, was the perfect race today. The weather was humid but around 60F for the start. It took almost 5 minutes for me to cross the Start line because of thousands in front of me. I was patient and ran the race based on how I felt enjoying every step of the course.

The good, my legs were strong; the bad, the humidity was high along with the temperature and light rain at the end of the race. I finished with some good mile times for me. My whole training group finished the race strong. I felt as if I had more “in the tank” when I crossed. The cheering at the Finish Line was truly uplifting; I started to tear up at bit.

My brilliant touchstone sent me a great note with wonderful ideas for this race. The best thing I did was drink more water a couple of hours before the race; well-hydrated. The ibuprofen was perfect because my legs were comfortable on the downhills; something that had nagged me from time to time. His suggestions were on point for all of my running this year as I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my 10K today, especially the uphill runs. I was passing folks on the hills putting them behind me. This race is memorable; makes me eager to challenge the Half-Marathon in the Fall.

I finished my 10K, got back to my car so that I could get a quick shower, along with some BenGay, in order to serve late Mass at the Cathedral. I also served a Funeral Mass after late Choral Mass for a gentleman I will miss very much. He was confined to a wheelchair but always came to late Mass.

It was my honor to serve his funeral alongside my wonderful canon. The service was a Burial Prayer but a casket was present, something new for me in my studies. Still, on many days, I will look over into the East Transept and won’t see his wheelchair sitting next to the door; a wonderful soul. He was sick for months but always came to Choral Mass even in the hot summer months. After the Funeral, the Cathedral, dark and quiet; almost as sad as those of us who will miss Uncle J.

As I head west, I will meet my challenges. The weather will be perfect for logging miles along the bay and marina. I plan to read as much as I can find, outside of medicine and science; looking to my Touchstone for suggestions. It’s scary how he knows what I enjoy most; another of his amazing gifts. My mind goes at warp speed when he’s around with much to share.

Everyone on Earth should be so fortunate to have someone in their life who is the greatest of spirits. He’s as valuable as platinum for me these days and so much fun to share completely ordinary things. I can’t say I much I just purely enjoy his presence. I am indeed a fortunate woman beyond anything I could ever dream.

2017-04-23 12.58.53


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