Early Evening Run in the Rain

My restless mind would not allow me to work on any of my journals thus I put on my running gear, headed out in the rain for a short run. I am pretty fired up from a lunch with my touchstone but I am concerned about him being under the weather. He gratifies my heart always and was quite surprising today. He’s such a profound joy for me, though I know he belongs to another person completely. Still, having him in front of me for a few minutes was wonderful for my mind.

I have memories of last year’s disastrous race creeping into my head as I attempt to let them go. This year, I strive to be nicer, calmer and allow all humans to live their realities. I have no expectation of myself or others. I simply accept.

On race morning last year, snow along with a bit of sleet began to fall. Still, I started the race, hoped for the best but ended up hypothermic before I could finish. This year, I am mentally stronger, physically fine and in possession of my own serenity. My short evening jog without gloves allowed me to enjoy the mist rising from the asphalt; the drone of the train whistle and splashes of puddles as I ran through them.

My heart hopes my wonderful friend is resting and napping. I always want the best for him; would love to be with him to ensure that happens. I hope he’s feeling better over the weekend as I set out to run my race day after tomorrow. He’s been my joy over the past few months more than I can ever repay.


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