Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

My mind went back to my first “crush” when I was a kid growing up on an East Coast Horse Farm. While my sisters had photos and dreams of Robert Redford and The Beatles on their walls and in their hearts, I had a single snapshot of Richard Basehart in his role of Admiral Nelson of the telly series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. My crush was Admiral Nelson, not so much Richard Basehart. I wanted to be a scientist who explored the oceans discovering new truths and making observations; figuring out the world with science.

Even in the series, Captain Crane played by David Hedison was the “heart throb” but for me, it was always the Admiral and his “flying sub” an amphibious sort of a vehicle that captured my heart. Well, I loved Basehart’s voice too. Even as a kid, I was a young woman who appreciated words well spoken but mostly, I appreciated the ordered thinking of math, music and science. Give me a problem and I solved it applying possibilities only limited by my imagination. Why didn’t they have women on subs?  Certainly a rule that was made to be broken by a young woman such as myself.

Flash forward to this old woman of today. My crushes are still men of ideas and creativity with great voices.  I was never one to admire sheer handsomeness but a woman who admired sheer brilliance and wonder. My heart picks up a note, a connection and a burst of energy. As one of my “crushes” put it “the ping-pong” of back and forth with minds traveling in a million directions because neural connections are truly infinite. The laughter and sheer enjoyment is pretty cool too.

Yes, Admiral Nelson and his scientific experiments/adventures set my young  heart aflutter but even today, science and creativity does the same. Every time I start a case in the operating room, a chance to see the possibilities of what is there.  Every day when I get up in the early morning darkness, my mind lights up with the possibility of a new discovery or a new explanation perhaps fueled by my coffee. I am a woman who still sees no limit to what she can accomplish. I have no investment in the ordinary!



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