Dark Sky and Bright Moon

If I were a coyote, I would have howled at the extremely bright moon in the clear sky of my early morning run. I am cutting back since my race is on Sunday with little jogs here and there. I know that I don’t need to stoke mileage but need to keep my joints/muscles limber and flexible. The wonder of this morning was the warm breeze against the dark sky and very brilliant moon.

I closed my academic office yesterday afternoon after completing some end of semester e-mails. There wasn’t much to close other than shutting off the computer for the summer. I won’t be teaching, a first in almost ten years as I head west for another project. As I closed the door, I am just a tiny bit sad that I won’t be around the college for the summer as I will miss the students and teaching. Many of my colleagues seem more relaxed during the summer months with baseball and warm weather too.

Summer teaching while busy and fast-paced, is a nice paycheck with good weather. I usually get a chance to take a couple of day/weekend trips here and there but this year I need to work on a west coast project. I also need to work on some baseline physical conditioning and read more than my usual medical journals. For me, the reading will be a wonderful retreat as I sit on the deck in the sunshine. It will be as if I am on an mini-sabbatical doing medicine and working on my body.

For the first time in more than 25 years, I am spending an extended period of time away from my Midwest or East base. The thoughts of delightful languish in my amazing West coast locale draws my brain with a smile though I will miss seeing my academic touchstone.

He intends to visit as he’s an inspiration and force for my spirit; something I can never repay. My wish for him is that he shall visit, relax and share some moments of knocking around with a friend who enjoys the magic of how sublimely superb he is. If ever there was a person who embodied that place and its lifestyle, it’s him. He would surely laugh; my bright moon in the dark sky.




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