“As a rule the more someone says they love America, the more Americans they hate.”God @TheTweetofGod

Last evening in theology class, my last of the semester, we discussed the problems of trying to understand the Trinity. Well, I think I have read the answer to this problem in the form of lines from a brilliant colleague’s work which I eagerly shared with my class but more about this later.

One of my class mates came up with this from “The Last Testament: A Memoir by God“:

” Mary was a virgin, and this was the crucial factor; for by introducing Jesus through a miraculous act of asexual reproduction, we would be showing the world from the start that he was both Word and flesh; Man and God; a subtle concept we knew would be difficult of comprehension; Indeed, I myself have never figured it out.”

Well, my colleague’s character dialogue from his play figured out in that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are actually clones! “Trinity clones!”  Who knew? I kept reading his words with much delight, sharing them with the class. One of the secrets of life figured out. My biologist brain and my spiritual brain at peace at last. One of the best lessons of my exploration into the world of theology.

Now, I am listening to President Tang as NBC plays bits and pieces from an interview with their anchor. The more I listen, the more I am convinced that the #SCROTUS has lost touch with reality; living in a world that doesn’t exist except in his mind. If ever there was a need for God, or Godot as I call him (very inside joke), to make an appearance, it’s now. What a wonderful day when one of us get it figured out.  Yes, I am having much fun these days, anchored by questioning.

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