Training Day

” I don’t know what to do, I’m always in the dark. Sitting on a powder keg and giving off sparks”- Bonnie Tyler

Cool and windy evening provided a very strong head wind off the Lake for yesterday’s training run. I practiced my acceleration off my left leg but feel a bit stiff this morning. The evening sunshine was gratifying and good for my soul. As my mileage increases, I enjoy the evening activity and fellowship with my running pack. I did regret not having a cup of coffee before I started last evening but ran through my chilly hands bothering me just a bit.

Today’s run is short followed by some weights and flexibility exercises. My longer distances have resulted in tighter hamstrings but a lower heart rate (hovering around 50). I know that I have the distance base but want to avoid injury thus my trainer’s efforts with cross-training. My swimming feels great but I don’t have extra body fat to keep me on the water’s surface. I sink as if I had weights attached to my core. Perish the thought of attempting an Iron Man Challenge for me as I would sink and drown before I reached the shore.

Loving the mental toughness my running gives my mind. I thoroughly understand when my runner friends say that going out for a run just makes them feel better. I am happy, accepting and joyous these days. I always hope I can keep running and keep moving. The changes in my mind and body have come rapidly but the changes are there to my delight.

I have replaced caution with a fearlessness. At times, I forget that I have enough strength to do anything. Goals of my training now focused on upper body strength as my lower body is doing fine. Upping my intake of bananas after my running this weekend and yesterday did help with cramping, the bane of my running experience. I can’t seem to increase my fluid intake because I start sloshing/vomiting with water intake just prior to running.

I have learned to listen to my body but push it here and there. I have learned to trust that I will finish a race that I begin. With marathon day coming up in the next two weeks, I am calm with a touch of boldness. I will finish my race; dress for any wet/cold weather and continue to increase my mileage for races to come. Starting to miss my weekly training group, a bit as we have bonded; grateful for the fellowship of my runner friends; grateful for learning and thankful for every step I can take.

Update: My short run turned into a 6-miler because the day was just glorious. My head needed a bit of extra distance even though my trainer wanted me to stop at 3 miles because of the weights. I am glad I doubled the run but I will try to be good on a colder day.


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