“I’m out of whiskey”

“I’m here to kick ass and drink whiskey, and pilgrim, I’m out of whiskey.”- John Wayne

Last evening as the sun went down, I sat on my front steps with restless thoughts, not quite knowing why my brain was a bit agitated. I sipped, rather than my usual shot ” a bit of my bourbon whiskey enjoying the early evening chill with beautiful sunset. The tree overhead now lush and green; my heart feeling something undefinable.

My restless thoughts of a friend whose work I am savoring with great relish. His dialog a wonder; laughter and much gratitude. Yes, I adore his words and almost wished, in my bit of a perverted manner, that I didn’t enjoy his thoughts. When I finished my outdoor spring coming into my office, I found an e-mail from him that explained my restless thoughts completely. For better, I have a sense about him that is mystifying at times but I go with that sense completely. Why do I connect? We have much in common but I should not connect with him.

Yes, “pilgrim” these are my empathic vibes of this friend; sometimes I don’t realize how much he gets “into my head” but that he does and I make no apologies.  He’s a wonder, a  white hot light, a great spirit and so rare of those that I have encountered in my life. He’s  the total package of sheer brilliance and creativity; now I am assured that I am just an empath; ha! not certifiable. Pushes me with his words and ideas. A true gift I don’t deserve but for which I am grateful, nevertheless.

Yes, his presence, in my head and in front of me allows me to “kick ass” and “cowboy up” in the challenges that come to me now. A meeting this morning breezed through; deliciously but devilishly effective. One of the participants said that it was sheer pleasure just working with me. All people should be so fortunate to have the wonder of a great spirit in their lives such as I realize I have. Powered by energy, I run today twice because I can.


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