Live without Apology

My duties at the cathedral do not begin early this morning as I watch the sun come up and now shining brightly. Though weather is cold, the heavy rains of the past week have moved out leaving puddles of water to skip over and soggy ground around the very green grass. The bright sun, green grass and blue sky are a stark contrast to the grey, rain and thunder storms of my race yesterday morning. I am grateful to see the blue sky without clouds; a smile on my face broadened by my memories of those who warm my heart and mind.

My thoughts and meditations on my morning run are of thanks for all I received this past week. A wonderful meal shared with a stunning friend; an inspiring theology class; finishing my 10K run in thunder, wind, rain and lightening capped off by a Kentucky Derby party hosted by one of my English countrymen. I am truly thankful for those who share a bit of their lives with me and allow me to appreciate them. I am not worthy of such richness but I am very thankful.

I am most convinced that in the short time that I have left on the Earth, I must not apologize for loving deeply, appreciating deeply and my unwillingness to just “settle”.  I will seek adventures and love with a passion; treat all with kindness; the sheer wonder of experience. I won’t apologize for those whose presence I honor. Yes, like a ninja, I will continue being intrepid of spirit and strong each day. I never could have conceived of some who are so extraordinary, they take my breath away with one glance. How am I so fortunate?


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