I strive to provide the very best for my  patients, students and those in my ministry care; touching each one with joy in my heart and guidance from all of my resources. Today, I am challenged by extremely stormy weather always a fear for me on my running trails but I move past my fears to get this 10K training run completed this morning. I don’t mind the thunder but fear the lightening. After taking care of too many people struck, I have a fear of lightening overhead. I endeavor to overcome these fears; my heart happy that I am able to take the steps I take. I will do my best same as with my patients, students and those under my ministry care.

Fear of lightening instilled in my early growing up on a 90-acre horse farm on the East coast. The horses came in quickly, smart enough to sense the danger and power of storms churned up by instability in the atmosphere. On my sailing adventures, thunder and rain provided a bit of comfort against my fears as my craft moved defiantly through the deep blue ocean waters day and night. I endeavor to overcome my fears! I want this and I will conquer this!

UPDATE: I ran in the pouring rain, thunder and lightening. I finished the race, my only goal, happy that I could meet this challenge. My runner friend’s voice in my head, “Enjoy your run” and I did. The cold felt good on my knees; sauna and shower were great post race. I was turtle slow but speed didn’t matter on this morning of windy downpour. I couldn’t ask for more. I take this one step at a time, grateful for each one and the support of those who advise me.


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