Toss glitter in air

It falls around your body drifts

Mind ignited burns

My mind and heart happy to see my academic touchstone; absorb his energy and transduce it. As my thinking moved faster than the speed of light, I rocked my seminary class with laughter, beer and insight into how to integrate my soul, nature and theology. My mind could absorb the information faster than it was provided; on fire from my encounter of the early afternoon on an ordinary rainy day. Yes, he’s just that powerful and inspiring. Oh, how I wish he wasn’t the one who does this for me because he belongs to another woman and not to me.

One day someone may come along and claim my heart as well as my mind. I don’t hold out hope for this but I don’t give up on the idea either. He will have to be a heroic, brilliant and wonderful man of generosity and spirit.  I don’t know what’s around the next corner but I have no fears. I am completely at peace with my tasks ahead. I meet the challenges with laughter, hope and joy. These things are a part of me; cannot be separated.

Yes, I am an independent woman who knows herself and knows what she likes without apology. I chose to share aspects of me without explanation or compromise; a very rich way to live. Tossed glitter into the air around me and enjoyed the wonder, the sensation of it falling around me. Oh how I would like to be beautiful but I must settle for boldness. A thousand wishes!



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