Thunder and Lightening

Storms running the entire night left me without sleep; huddled with my chihuahua under my down comforter; mind racing with the aftermath of my weekend. I am strong and resilient thanks to my work on the running paths but many challenges due this week before I leave for the West Coast. I simply need to live my life in the social sphere where I thrive rather than survive. I need to look over my world from my vantage point on the hillside.

Running on little sleep is a norm for me as I have one day left before I can exhale and relax a bit; I am in need of some relaxation. Sometimes I have to rely on my strength of will and the tools that have served me well in the past which is getting me through these times of added end of term duties. I always want to give my students my best work.

My West Coast medical license has come through, another item to tick off my list. I look forward to the challenges ahead with renewed interest in my academic pursuits. This is a good time to take stock of how much I have changed yet how much I am still the same Southern woman who loves humanity, science and the pursuit of knowledge.

I hope my father and uncle would be proud of who I have become as they were men of honor. I hope my touchstone will be proud of my work too. He’s been a guide and brother in medicine/spirituality. I hope he  is proud of my work in medicine and of the physician that I have become. I try to keep humanism in my medical practice; a privilege for me.

I hope my brilliant colleague will be proud of my work when I share it with him. He’s been a life-saver for me over the past couple of months adding a richness to my thinking and just plain fun. So many times he reminded me, sorely needed, to cut “through the politics and junk” and keep doing my work and to simply keep enjoying my runs. I am like him in many ways but his powerful mind is always a great challenge for me.

We enjoy many of the same things; he adds a touch of genius for me. He’s my other touchstone; so grateful for his continued guidance as I walk on broken glass enduring the shards with strength. I fly now and he’s my jet fuel these days. He is so beyond me but someone from whom I learn much and share much without agenda.


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