No Promises

“Just tell me your scene

Play with my mind and soul

Bursting heart with joy”

Standing out here on the high platform, I can’t see the water below. I know that it’s there because I saw it as I climbed to get 10 meters in the air. I don’t need to see the water because I know if I enter straight, it will move apart for me.

Without looking down, I jump feet first taking a breath in. I never learned how to dive; learned to jump and anticipate my landing for the brief period I am airborne with gravity pulling me downward. I can’t put my arms out, only straight up as I enter the water smiling, laughing;  the joy of the short time I am in the air; nothing under my feet; completely at home.

Short bits of immersion being surrounded by blue with millions of white bubbles over my head. I made it into the water; into a world very different from the platform I left, my eyes wide open now. I see you; see me as I see you. You are reflected in my eyes as well as in my mind.

I have the gift of total connection and acceptance. I wouldn’t and couldn’t change anything as the whole package is a wonder for this world even if they are not in the deep end of the pool with me. I climb out of the water; not the same as when I went in.


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