Now that Lent has come and gone, we are back to starting our Choral Eucharist with chimes. This Low Sunday was my first opportunity to strike the chimes. I picked up the mallet, waited for the Bach Prelude in G Major to finish and struck the chimes; going from left to right. I struck with such vigor that they continued to ring; a rookie mistake or only let me near sharp objects and not hammers. Still, the wavelengths of tone filled the air with joy. Our service underway as I led the clergy in the processional after damping the chime tones. It’s always something for me these days as I learn at an exponential pace- stage directions everywhere. To the mirth of my Theater Arts colleagues, I follow them with trepidation.

One of my Theater Arts colleagues explained “Stage Left” and “Stage Right” along with “Upstage” and “Downstage”. I am grateful for his counsel and direction. Another colleague, my brilliant sage, has promised to tell me how my religion and the stage are quite interrelated on one of our “face time” meetings. He is a rare gift and my touchstone in these matters. Thus today, on Low Sunday, the fledgling banged “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and started wavelengths of sound that went on and on to the point of permeation of the lilies on the altar. I learned, making mistakes along the way but  I am joyful and hopeful that one day I won’t have doubts. “When the doubts go, so does the gift,” I am told.


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