Running with Bits and Pieces

This morning’s run in the dark and coolness.  The moon shrouded in clouds; a passing freight train that moves faster than I can imagine. No cars on the streets of my little Midwest suburban town but the clear sounds of waves off the Lake. I can move through the indigo and greyness of this morning completely comfortable with my surroundings; the sound of my breathing and footsteps. No one in this world except me; my solitude and my thoughts. Oh how I understand those who are like me now; a connection that I can’t and won’t explain as there is no need as it between us in bits and pieces to take along and experience.

I received news this morning that my Mum is dying; moved into hospice for her final days. She is 300 miles from my location in the Midwest; on the East Coast. It’s a short flight; one that I prepare to take as I will be with her in her last days. There is little of my Mum in me but much of her in my sisters. Since they are on the West Coast, it will take longer for them to arrive. I have been present for my patients in their last hours. I knew this day would come; more bits and pieces gone from my life; alone.


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