First Prize, a week in Philadelphia. Second Prize, two weeks in Philadelphia.

” For some reason, I can’t explain. I know St. Peter won’t call my name.”

I tweaked my right knee on my wet run of early morning.  It was a misstep on the sidewalk; should have been running in the street at 3AM but thought it better to stay on the sidewalk in the pouring rain; short downpour without thunder/lightening. I didn’t pick up my right foot and caught the edge of the sidewalk. As I ran on, the knee felt all right but much stiffness as I sat in my first meeting of the day. A fun text from one of my friends about “gimping” together as his back bothered him on his morning run.

After my second meeting, my knee felt better. The weather had dried but not cleared; grey clouds around with a couple of ominous thunderheads in the distance. They stayed in the distance but the wind picked up. As I headed into my third meeting, after receiving a text from my friend who was doing some “Spring Cleaning” keeping his body in motion; something that seems to work well for him, I thought about adding a second run. I do hope my rock star friend isn’t stiff this morning. I should have remembered because he’s kind of an amazing wonder with extremely high energy anyway; makes my heart glad that he’s my friend and source of inspiration in my running.

When I completed my last meeting, the asphalt beckoned. A strong headwind but I ran along anyway; my second run of the day. My knee loved the movement and felt great. I could spring along without effort and enjoy the dry weather but cooler evening temperatures. My second run also meant that I could enjoy a post run beer which was wonderfully relaxing as I sat on my front steps to stretch and watch the world go past my door. Kids playing; adolescents pairing off to chat in the springtime.

My haiku work is coming along on these runs too. This is probably this only poetry form that will work for my lack of talent. Sometimes my mind runs to a thought or an emotion felt. I have a friend who is such a master of this form; he inspires me to put things out there; for me, an opportunity to keep moving forward. Life could be so much worse and is frankly, pretty good as I see it.

Much joy being felt these days, attributed to my runner’s high but seriously, I am just content with the tasks to be performed in the next few months. I know that I will be totally on the west coast, good for my training (though my marathon will have passed by then), I will keep the long distances. I never thought that I could make these distance; slow but distance covered anyway. I am grateful for my life these days as it’s quite nice without apology in this Holy Week.


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