Cloudy with a Moon

Headed out at 3 AM for a morning run with a warm south wind blowing across my face. My strategy this morning was to dress warmer and shed clothing as needed. It didn’t take long for me to ditch the light jacket and shirt in the warm wind grateful that my legs felt energized by the higher temperature. An almost full moon shrouded in clouds with no stars visible; a planet nearby. The lake churned by the wind; waves hitting the shore.  On such a warm morning, I was surprised not to have some wildlife accompanying me but only heard the chirps of awakening birds; the far-off drone of the 4AM train whistle as the fast freight made its way out of my city.

A delightful Palm Sunday yesterday as I was tapped into crucifer duties for late mass.  One of my two young acolytes showed me how to keep the cross from pulling me forward with thoughts in my head, “Don’t trip, don’t trip”. The sun was shining brightly in the blue sky above the cathedral as we led the mass of palm-bearing worshipers up the steep stone steps and into the nave; a trumpeter heralding our arrival. The service somber; quiet and reflective.

One of my parishioners needed a lift home as he had come by bus into the city. I certainly didn’t mind dropping him off but at the last minute, he needed a couple of groceries. Again, with gratitude as I have a rusty car that runs, I am happy to assist him as I can remember the days of graduate school when I didn’t have an auto and didn’t need one except for the times of huge grocery shopping. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t wait to get home for an afternoon run in the heat, yes heat!

Finished hearing the last chapter of the wonderful podcast S-Town. I can’t express the joy of every world of this delightful serial; well presented with much thought and precision. My amazing academic friend suggested that I might enjoy it; he was right as usual. The things he shares with me are great fun.

A charming note from my sage as I know that I would not have enjoyed this podcast a year ago but now, sheer consumption of every note of music and every world spoken. Just wonderful; a gift for which I am thankful. I lived some of this podcast about an Alabama town; a tragic genius and those he left behind who kept a piece of him as all of us who hear this podcast will.


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