“You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and move forward.”

Yesterday was another day of multiple meetings, five in total, with me running from one campus to the main administrative headquarters to another campus. A lunch of coffee on the fly and a dinner of tomato soup with a bit of green thrown in. My mind and body cried out for an evening jog but the weather turned to a wet snow-rain mix.  I settled for skipping rope and doing some work on my arms instead of hitting the asphalt. Oh, where or where is Spring? Certainly not here this morning as I headed out for the gym.

I found myself improvising for one of my meetings but I was able to shift on the fly and figure out what I needed to present. I was not caught off guard as I study my new role in administration. Yesterday, I put some some keys of the budgeting process applying what I learned; seeing another colleague falter; my surgical training an asset for me. When I set a priority, I stick with my decisions and move swiftly with no mistakes. Experience has been a good teacher for me but wisdom and insight are part of me too as I come out of the dark.

My seminary class was welcome relief as I said several prayers of gratitude for first, seeing my students doing well with their new physical exam skills and second, spending some valuable time with my rock star academic friend. I am truly thankful for small pockets of happiness where I find them. I wish all the best for my colleague who moves mountains as easily as he breathes. He’s that special and such a wonder as I put the world on notice, much to come from him as I have much to share with him. He is going to be where he wants to be next year.

I also saw a film that starred another of my academic colleagues; an experience that made me laugh out loud with enjoyment; tears streaming down my face. The packed theatre laughing without hesitation or control. He’s such a gifted actor playing something of himself, a member of a Jewish posse, in a short film, cleverly done; and grabbing my soul a bit as always. He asked me why he should keep going. The answer to that question clearly evident to all who sat in that audience.


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