Enjoy one step at a time-Simplicity

“I feel I’m dry-docked and tongue-tied
Heaven sends a stretcher for the kids to ride.”

My mind kept mulling over one of my friends on my early morning daily run as I trekked along in the dim light before the sun comes up. I knew why I was thinking of him because I was scheduled to share lunch, some “face time” as he had put in a text even a few days ago.

I met him just over a year ago, someone of amazing greatness I didn’t know existed even though we both worked in the same place. I used to see him dashing off to get his work done on a weekly basis but  I had not seen him in a while. To say it was great to catch up is truly an understatement. He doesn’t make fun of me being a old woman who is still trying to get life. He can easily take my breath away with his dynamic energy. I am very happy that I met him in a most serendipitous manner.

We shared lunch; he shared his chips with me but mostly, he shared ideas, cutting through my tendency to over-analyze. Yes, this is what he does for me, something I am infinitely grateful for along with his great generosity. He’s the total package as he sets my empathy vibes on ultra-high.

He has a mind of such power, I  am always in awe; frighteningly wonderful. Still, I always accept him as I find him with a small prayer of thanks that he even allows me in his presence. I envy those who have much time with him, a wonder to enjoy his company for more than a hour of so.

My words for him will always be, “Don’t mess with perfection” as he’s the greatest of humans on this planet. I can’t say too much how talented, gifted, creative and brilliant he is without much effort, as he breathes. As I have gotten to know him over the past year or so, he’s a “rock star” that many don’t “get” at first impression but clearly an impression he makes. Why I am so fortunate to know him a bit?

Though we have many similar experiences in our past lives; almost makes me feel as if I have known him longer; we couldn’t be more intrinsically different. After lunch, my world became simple, he put a match to my alcohol fuel as I smile when I remember something he said to me, “just enjoy your running”.  I had quite forgotten that simple fact but remembered it when I headed into the wind for a training run. Resting heart rate 53; a thousand wishes but a thousand thank-you’s, great Sir.


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