Pennies on the Railroad Tracks

“We drank some beer
You went your way
And I went mine”

Some things in life do not have definition and will never be defined. I don’t mind that they are not defined. I simply accept them, enjoy them; grateful for them. Just as I have stopped asking others for understanding, I stopped expecting anything to be defined for me. If I put a label on undefinable relationships, they start to become elusive. At my stage in life, I won’t accept any labels and I will shake them.

As I ran in the darkness, I felt most at home; only the immediate sphere of what I can see in front of me as there are street lights to show where my feet will go. I have ears to hear movement on either side; a deer or a raccoon scurrying away from my path. The crunch of gravel in the street; avoiding the myriad of pot holes but safer than running on the sidewalk. The temperature warm enough at last for my hands to be comfortable without gloves.

I make no apologies for living in this world of my creation with it’s wonderful moments of discovery and pure joy; my eyes looking squarely forward to the horizon. I know where I don’t belong because I am very easy; very comfortable with not belonging but my heart touching Superman, the heroic rhetoric man who can savor my world of the undefined just a bit; my pennies on the railroad tracks.


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