Speed Work

Longer training run with some speed work in between miles. I know that I am getting faster but my mind has to work on not trying to progress too fast. I can cover the distance, keeping my form but I am a slow runner. Towards the end of this mornings training run, I could accelerate with ease but something in my head keeps telling me that if I speed up, I won’t finish.

Ah, this will be my meditation on my daily early morning runs for this upcoming week along with gratitude that I get up and run in sub 40F temperatures. This winter has been colder; taking a toll on my total mileage. At this point last year, I was further along distance-wise because of the warmer temperatures. My hands do not like the cold.

There is a mental toughness in my awareness this year. I just relish the people and things that I enjoy with leaving behind those things that are negative. My goals are to keep this practice and to express my appreciation for my friends. My friends support me and encourage me to do better every day.  I don’t believe that some of them will ever know how much they give me.  They are treasures as much as my distance today with a little more speed. All things will come as I sit against the wall and sip my end of race coffee- my true reward for this mornings cold.


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