Many directions this week in both my cathedral and academic duties.  At the cathedral, I was tossed “into the deep end of the pool” without swimming instructions. I was able to tread water and survive through my instincts. The lesson for me is that I should trust my feelings because they didn’t betray me. Sometimes, the mind knows more than one would believe; let it go where it wants to go.

Even my new running coach didn’t have much to correct. Largely, I need to work on my warm-ups and cool-downs.  My body instinctively knows what to do.  My mind needs to get out of my way. I tend to overthink my running when I just need to get out there and enjoy myself. Having a running team has been great and a new experience for me. My team keeps me on point even when I feel as if I want to skip the evening runs.

I have to admit that I need to see one of my friends more. I hate that my heart is glad to see him, hear from him and laugh with him. He’s inspiring and quite wonderful. Just when I believe that I am fine without him in my life, he comes back and my heart begins to sing with wonder. His presence allows my mind to move in a million creative directions.  Dang, I wish the world had been so different for both of us. We could have and can set this world on fire as I will admit this with total honesty today; it’s just a simple fact without agenda. I refuse to apologize for liking a heroic man of brilliance and action.


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