Stage Directions

Leading the clergy for the processional for services this morning at the cathedral was an honor and a privilege. As this was a first-time for me the experience brought back some of the same feelings as when my surgery professor handed me the scalpel for the first time. My role has become a reality though in the end, one of my mentors handed me, after the fact, several pages of “stage directions” for where to go; where to stand and how to stand. My theater academic colleagues would be the first to declare that I have zero ability to act and zero creativity in terms of production but this role I accepted and performed without stage directions.

“It’s just choreography”, my mentor said. There is much to remember and for me, no rehearsal time. I must ask one of my theater arts colleagues about “one-take” strategies because like surgery, I have one shot to “get it right”. My stomach was twirling thus wise that I did all three services on black coffee only. Unlike surgery, coffee was my friend rather than inducing tremors as when I operate.

The other fortunate occurrence for me this morning was that few people recognize me in my vestments. The black cassock covers my bright colored dresses; my shoes black with not much of a heel; no noise on the stone floors. I was also gratified that the vestments are cozy warm and just great for this always chilly “freeze-baby”. All in all, I progress with my stage directions in hand; ready to learn the script. Now where is that actor friend of mine when I need him?


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