“thought enters the mind

emotion enters the heart

creates a belief”

I spent most of the early morning packing up my sparsely-furnished townhouse in preparation for my upcoming adventure on the West Coast. If I don’t begin organizing and packing now, I tend to feel rushed later as my academic and physical conditioning duties increase over the next month or so. Feeling the need for a checklist right now as this move is complex with many details, yet I am committed to making it.

Yesterday, I completed my first training run with my new speed coaches. I had a fabulous outing in the early morning but felt my feet cemented to the asphalt in the evening training run. Still, I learned valuable information about strategy, form and continuing to work on my very tight hamstrings; the bane of my distance running.

As my coach critiqued my form, I practiced keeping my head upright; lifting my feet; adding more of a spring in my stride. My stride length is great as I have good control of how I hit the ground; keeping my balance. At the end of the session, I was encouraged that my speed will come as I continue to prepare for my marathon.

In terms of form my thought this morning was on my marathoner friend who has been my guide light as I moved to longer distances.His walk and his presence are quite notable as he moves with what appears to be effortless even though I know he had a severe knee injury. He has beautiful balance and grace in how he moves across the ground in addition to his overload of other gifts that I enjoy and absorb at times. I am always in awe of his greatness and generosity.

Sure, I envy his mental toughness and magnificent physical form but mostly, I enjoy and miss his amazing  brilliance and creativity; just the way he sees the  world, far ahead of the rest of the humans I generally encounter. His teachings and guidance for me have been a  gift for which I am quite grateful. I think of how getting to know him a bit has colored my beliefs in what I might accomplish in running.

As I strike on yet another voyage, I take my changes from running with me. I am far stronger today that ever in my life. As I live in this time of change encounters, appreciation for the very small gifts from the gifted around me, I give thanks and hope for continued progression.



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